Elite Contemporary Extension

For audition information and level placement please send email to lisa@gwbstudios.com

GWB Studios offers Elite Contemporary Extension programming for the aspiring contemporary or commercial dancer in the diverse world of dance and the performing arts. Our highly qualified, experienced, and certified instructors are based in Adelaide and are dedicated to our student’s education and long-term success. GWB Studios Elite Contemporary Extension program is designed for the comprehensive development of the aspiring contemporary and/or commercial dancer.

Elite Contemporary Extension Programming includes:

  • Contemporary Dance Technique (1990 – 2020: Exploring various styles of choreography and movement that align with current professional dance companies and choreography)
  • Modern Dance Techniques (1940-1980: Limon, Horton, Graham, Cunningham, and Dunham technique. These are the foundations of modern dance which is the root of contemporary dance as we know it today)
  • Guided Improvisation and Contact Improvisation
  • Neoclassical Ballet Progressions or Jazz Dance (Broadway and American West Coast)
  • KLT (Kicks, legs, and turns)
  • Acting for Dancers
  • Progressing Ballet Technique
  • Dance History and Vocabulary
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Dancers
  • Injury prevention and Nutrition