GWB Studios

GWB Studios now offers dance and performing arts classes for students of all ages and ability levels Monday through Saturday. We offer a variety of both recreational and elite level courses that are designed to inspire and motivate students: whether they wish to have a career in the performing arts, or just have fun and get fit!

Recreational classes are designed for the beginner to intermediate level dancer. These classes are taught by our distinguished faculty and focused on learning the basics of proper dance technique through growth mindset. All GWB Studios classes are fun and friendship is celebrated! GWB Studios recreational students perform twice per year in our GWB Studios concerts.

Evaluation Reports:

GWB Studios End of Term Evaluation Reports, from each teacher and from the creative manager, are sent to parents reviewing our students' development and progress once per term. At GWB Studios, every child is known, and their progress and personal development are important to us. Personal goals are set and when achieved, students are rewarded and praised.

We are a progressive studio that is constantly assessing and monitoring our student progress to be sure they are receiving the best education possible. How we measure their success is not entirely exam-based. As dancers are required to use all nine intelligences (naturalist, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, and intra-personal) we enjoy teaching with the best practices and assessing our GWB Studios dancers in each class through stress-free evaluation. Through fun and positive progressive approaches, we see consistent growth, as it is always easier to learn when you are enjoying the process.


Parents can drop dancers off or are welcome to stay and quietly watch class through our observation television screen. We welcome parents and guests into the classroom for our Parent Observation Days, occurring one week per term.

Elite level classes are designed for the high intermediate to advanced student who has studied various styles of dance and is keen to train multiple times per week. Many of our Elite stream students are actively attending competitions in ballet and other genres of dance. Elite classes are taught by our distinguished faculty and focused on progressing their dance technique and artistry through growth mindset. Often dancers at GWB Studios aspire to pursue careers in dance and performing arts and we are here to nurture and guide those students into a successful career. GWB Studios offers a full schedule that covers all of the styles and necessary curriculum a developing pre-professional dancer needs to be successful. Additionally, we offer both Elite Classical Ballet Extension programming and Elite Contemporary Extension Programming during the day mid-week for the dancer desiring a more prestigious level of training.


At this time, we only offer exams with certificates available for students, as appropriate for the RAD courses.
Not all courses at GWB Studios have exams, as we do not believe that it is necessary for all forms of dance and can slow down the progression of the students and even the flow of the class.
As all students develop at different speeds, we are constantly assessing progress and finding appropriate ways to measure their individual success as well as skill mastery, beyond a one-off exam. We believe that every dancer is an individual and measure them using our term Evaluation Reports, which offer a wider range of intelligence measures and show personal growth over each term.


We welcome and encourage all of our students from Recreation and Elite streams to perform in our mid-year and end of the year concert. This is a fabulous opportunity to develop special memories with dance friends and to celebrate all of the progress achieved over the year!