In-studio, with Natalie Linke [B.Ed, BA (Dance), TAE 40116]

In partnership with Thebarton Senior College.

SACE Dance is perfect for students wishing to be recognised for their skill in dance whilst at school, paving the pathway for their future studies in the arts.



  • Students in academic years 10 and 11 qualify for Stage 1 Dance.
  • Students in academic years 11 and 12 qualify for Stage 2 Dance



Stage 1 20 credits
Stage 2 20 credits

All courses look at the study of dance under the following three broad areas.

  • Understanding dance
  • Creating dance
  • Responding to dance


Stage 1 Dance

Skills Development (20%)

  • Technique
  • Dance terminology
  • Composition tools and choreographic devices
  • Safe Dance Practice


Task 1 (Term 1)

Reflect on the dance elements demonstrated in technique and performance.

Having researched safe dance practice and the dance technique of their chosen genre/s, students are to:

  • Analyse the development of their technical skills over a period of time
  • Reflect on improvements made and the impact this has on their technique and performance skills
  • Plan for future directions.

Students are encouraged to consider teacher feedback, peer feedback and self-analysis as part of their response. Analysis of video footage and photos for comparison is necessary for this task.

Task 2 (Term 4)

Using inspiration from the work of Garry Stewart as Artistic Director of the Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), students are to create a composition piece that reflects their understanding of his movement style and how research is vital to exploring a specific context. Students are to:

  • Document their research, choreographic process, movement development and presentation.
  • Provide a reflection on the choreographic devices used in the process undertaken to research and create their work and the success of the outcome.

Both skills development tasks should be up to 800 words if written or a maximum of 5 minutes if oral/multi-modal. 


Creative Explorations (60%)

  • Explore composition and movement manipulation through a range of tasks
  • Learn a range of dance styles.

Task 3 (Term 2)

Students will choreograph a dance work for a solo, duo or small group.

Task 4 (Term 2) & Task 5 (Term 3)

Students will perform in dance works of genres of choice at a mid-year performance and term 3 performance.


Dance Contexts (20%)

  • Students investigate dance practice and performance from specific cultures, historical periods, or traditions to analyze the function of dance in context. 

Task 6 (Term 2)

  • Students will discuss how the work of Bangarra Dance Theatre educates audiences about traditional beliefs.

Task 7 (Term 4)

Garry Stewart established a movement culture which infused various genres and movement styles into his work. He also established a culture of collaborating with experts in a variety of fields to bring new possibilities to dance.

Students will discuss his movement style and give 2 examples of his collaborations, referring to specific dance works in their answer.

Both investigations will be presented as a report which should be a maximum of 800 words if written, or a maximum of 5 minutes if oral or in multimodal form.


1x SACE class at GWB Studios

Continued dance classes at your own studio or classes at GWB Studios


Tuition fees

  • $190 once off enrolment
  • Cost of selected dance classes at GWB Studios [if applicable]
  • $500 per term cost



Stage 2 Dance

School Assessment (70%)

Assessment Type 1: Performance Portfolio (40%)

Students present a performance portfolio of one or more recorded full-length performance or production works for a live audience, totaling a maximum of 10 minutes.

  • Students will develop, learn and refine performance works of up to a max of 10 min total duration.
  • Students may perform in both small and/or large groups.
  • Each student must perform in a solo, duo or trio of 1 min duration.
  • The performances may be performed at differing location on differing dates and must be the recording of a live performance with the student wearing a number for identification purposes.

Assessment Type 2: Dance Contexts (30%)

This assessment type comprises two tasks:

  1. Recording

The student creates an original choreographic work up to a total of 3 minutes in duration that is devised around a context created by the student. It is preferable that it is in the contemporary genre and the choreographer is not required to perform in their own work. It can be presented on stage or as a dance film.

  1. Choreographic analysis

Having researched and explored a chosen context or contexts as a catalyst for the creation of their own self-devised dance works, students complete a choreographic analysis of their final product.

A choreographic analysis should demonstrate evidence of how research into a chosen dance context or contexts has informed artistic choices in the creation of the dance works. This should include analysing features such as the contextual significance, dance elements, structural devices, production elements, and dance skills of the dance.

Choreographic analyses to a maximum of 1000 words or 6 minutes multimodal equivalent


External assessment (30%)

Assessment Type 3: Skills Development Portfolio (30%)

Students independently select a focus area for improvement of their technique. This may include the documentation of processes and analysis of:

  • technical skills development including safe dance practices
  • possible strategies for developing and refining skills as a dancer
  • self, peer, and teacher feedback about skills development as a dancer
  • risk-taking and experimentation in refining movement.

The portfolio should be approximately 2000 words or 12 minutes multimodal equivalent. The portfolio must include some recorded or photographic evidence of the student’s development as a dance artist.



1x SACE class at GWB Studios

Continued dance classes at your own studio or classes at GWB Studios

Tuition fees

  • $190 once off enrolment
  • Cost of selected dance classes at GWB Studios [if applicable]
  • $500 per term cost


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